Meet The Team


Mailine Linsao Sarmiento
Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Mailine guides CBS21 by overseeing all corporate planning and strategic direction. She works with all CBS21 employees and students to ensure we continue to deliver on our goals and objectives and create value for all CBS21 employees, students and partners. Mailine will  continue to focus on accountability, responsibility, ownership and understanding  to drive the CBS21 performance culture. Aside for her role at CBS21, Mailine also is self employed and provides services as event organizer and event planner such as weddings, debuts, birthdays, fiestas etc.  

Before her appointment as President & CEO, Mailine made significant contributions to the company by holding various roles, responsibilities, management and processing of important documents to legalize and incorporate the company. She worked very hard day and night to make the team dreams happen. Mailine is a natural leader who served as the School Council President and the Cadet Coronel of Citizens Army Training in her high school years. 


Prior to founding and joining CBS21, Mailine spent years of her life taking care of her family and children and tried various business opportunities. She admits that in her business journey there's ups and downs and failure is part of her success now and whatever the future holds for her and her team. She just doesn't stop dreaming and working hard to build her dream company that she can call

her own.

Mailine also held a position as Christmas Bazaar Organizer/Planner for the town of Paniqui Tarlac during Mayor Miguel Cojuangco Rivilla's term from year 2010 to 2016 which caters small to large business entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services thru strategic marketing and promotions. The 60 days bazaar was annually celebrated at the Town of Paniqui Public plaza featuring

almost 250 micro business owners. In 2017 she also served as bazaar organizer/ planner for the Town of Gerona Tarlac and Primark, a business owned by SM Group of Companies.

Finally, Mailine  found her passion for business and realized that her life's purpose is to continue helping her community and the people of Paniqui Tarlac. She is a big believer that no matter what your status in life, if you have a dream and committed to be successful you will harvest what you reap.


Mailine took her Accountancy degree at PSBA Quezon City and later switch to Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences at NRMC Paniqui.  Though she is undergrad she continued to pursue her studies and earned a certificate in Caregiving and Bartending Program in Tarlac City. And is the Founder of Company21 & SR BMY that up to these days have a solid relationship for each other despite of the distance and status of each members. Mailine is very well respected by her true friends and support her for better or for worst. Her friends see her as a fighter, a leader never give up and will fight for her friends from anyone, from anything. 

Minerva Cordova Leano
Co-Founder, Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer 

Minerva is an Entrepreneur by heart, one of the Founders and serve as the Vice President of Human Resources, Business Development, Marketing and Sales, focus on growing CBS21’s business portfolio across Paniqui Tarlac and its surrounding areas.


Minerva is currently working as Business Development Specialist at Fortinet a cyber security organization based in Sunnyvale California USA. With a combination of over 20 years of sales, business development, customer service and marketing experience in different industries such as Information Technologies, Digital Securities, Utilities, Telecommunications, Call Centres and former owner of Hangout Bubble Tea and dessert place in Ottawa Ontario Canada. She was the former President and CEO of ThreeA’s Marketing Inc.

During her time at NorthStar Utilities, Entrust Datacard, Halogen Software and Espial-Enghouse Networks, Minerva collaborated with her team on innovative initiatives to grow the sales revenue by participating and attending to several trade shows and conferences including  CS Week, Municipal Information Systems Association of California, American Public Power Association, American Water Works Association, Cyber Security Summit, National Cable Television Commissions, HTG Connect Wise, Data Connectors, Ingram Micro Annual Partner Conference, Entrust Global Sales and Partner Conference etc.

Minerva graduated with degree in Bachelor of Arts major in Mass Communications, Far Eastern University, Manila Philippines and Human Resource Management at Algonquin College Ottawa Ontario Canada.


Lemuel Baculanta
Co-Founder & Chief Secretary

Lemuel as the school board secretary plays a crucial role in contributing the success of the CBS21. He is responsible on various and significant responsibilities to provide support in achieving goals for the betterment of the school and its students. Staying on top of compliance and changes in policies and regulations regarding local not for profit education (like accreditation laws) and maintaining accurate meeting minutes and records for the school  and community are just a few ways that Lemuel as a school board secretary contributes to the achievement of CBS21 goals.

Lemuel is responsible for Recording and Maintaining Accurate Meeting Information. The school board secretary plays a vital role through the recording of accurate, unbiased meeting minutes that are reflective of the work accomplished at the school meeting and the goals of the school executive team and can support the institution in making informed and strategic decisions.

Without the secretary to maintain an accurate and unbiased record of executive meetings and the related materials, schools  can lose out on new opportunities for district growth or may make uneducated or ill-informed decisions due to a lack of information. Lemuel ensures compliance with important laws that hold the school accountable ethically and promote trust and transparency with the community, a currency that is essential to the school, their partners and officer's success.

The work that Lemuel as the School Secretary can seem endless and the list of responsibilities and duties are ever-growing and changing. But, the role of the school secretary is vital to achieving goals that better CBS21 and its students.

Noel Garcia Serrano
Member & Chief Auditor

As part of the Executive team, Noel will be reporting directly to the President and CEO. He will be responsible for the following duties:

Assist the team in certifying the legitimacy and correctness of the disbursement of funds; 

Audit all expenditures of the CBS21 Training and Assessment Center funds;

Assist the Treasurer in formulating guidelines and reports;

Keep and update inventory of all the CBS21’s property;

Act as the assistant head of the Finance Committee;

Perform such other duties assigned by the CBS21 Executive team.


Noel is known for his love of sports specially basketball whom he was a varsity at Andres Bonifacio College Dipolog Zamboanga Del Norte. Noel is undergrad of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering in National University, Manila. He used to work for Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) and Mekeni Food Corporation doing Inventory and Warehouse Management. He also worked for Floridablanca Water District a few years ago.

Nathaniel Sarmiento
Member & Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer

Part of Nathaniel's responsibilities as the School Treasurer is to work with the executive team to prepare the annual budget. Process and record all financial transactions on behalf of the officers. Prepare a monthly financial report and present at each meeting. Remind school officers to adhere to the budget when considering new ideas. Complete any financial documents required by the officers, school, and partners. Reconcile all accounts.


Nathaniel's Educational Background are as follows:

B.S. Civil Engineering, Angeles University Foundation

B.S. Marine Engineering, PAMMA

B.S. Nursing, Licensed, Carthel


Nathaniel also took Teaching Units which he later earned his certificate at the Central Institute of Technology Colleges. He held different positions in the past such as Safety Engineer from 1997 to 2000 for a Japanese Project in Bataan. He also worked previously for One Pharma as Medical Representative and later on held the position of Clinical Instructor and Lecturer at Tarlac State University.


Aside for being the School Treasurer, Nathaniel is also a Senior High School Teacher at Nambalan Sta Ignacia Tarlac. Just early this year (2022) he recently passed his teaching license. Nathaniel is a music lover. His talents include playing the drums, guitar, keyboards but the one thing he enjoys the most is to play the piano. He also composes his own songs and hopes that one day he will be given a break and his compositions will be noticed and get recognition. Tanny is also a Sunday school teacher at their church and a praise and worship director for the music ministry.