Our Mission is our Vision

CBS21 is dedicated to help educate the community and provide training

to those who are willing to grow and develop their knowledge, skills, and awareness of green technologies which will result in innovative and effective conservationist workers.

Our Story

Our Story from an empty abandoned house to the CBS21 Training and Assessment Center





Mailine Linsao Sarmiento

Minerva Cordova Leano

Lemuel Baculanta


February 24, 2022

Initial public offering



The CBS21 story begins in the early 1990s at Central Luzon High School Paniqui, Tarlac. Mailine Linsao then formed a group of people that started with a friendship which they called Company 21 and later became CO21 and SR BMY. Company 21 obviously consist of 21 members. Then a few other members were later added which became part of the SR BMY meaning Silent Riot- Better Movement for the youth. Up to this day the friendship is solid. There’s ups and downs but at the end of the day the friendship remained.


About two years ago when Mailine, Lemuel and their business partners first founded their private training center with a different name which operated for a few months until one day the world was shut down due to the Pandemic caused by Covid19.


However, Mailine did not stop there. She continued to pursue her dreams of having her own business and providing education is what she thinks would make a difference to people's lives. She was committed to find a way to make that happen. She approached a few friends to become her business partners. It’s not that easy to find one until one day she was given the courage to approach Minerva who is her co-founder now.

As soon as Mailine mentioned that she planned to put up a school, without any second thoughts Minerva said she’s in. It happened that Minerva has been planning to operate her own school as well but doesn’t know where and how to start as she lives abroad. So when her friend Mailine approached her and discussed her vision she said Yes without a doubt.


Without wasting time the founders started to process all the documents and business registrations required. The first step is to get the business registered and approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission or better known as SEC. The major requirement from the SEC is to submit a minimum of three business names. This is the part where the three friends were challenged. It’s not easy to come up with a business name that everyone will agree with.


Mailine, Minerva, and Lemuel came up with so many possible business names. Some of which were already taken and no longer available. The three decided to meet virtually, including their consultant Agnes Cacal Perey. Soon after the virtual meeting, the three realized that they were all thinking of naming the business after Company21 and SR BMY. So the following names were submitted to the SEC according to priorities.

After days of waiting the founders finally got the good news that CBS21 Training and Assessment Center was approved and incorporated on February 24, 2022. The company's full legal business name is Cordova, Baculanta, Sarmiento, Serrano and the CO21 and SR BMY. A company founded because of a friendship formed 30 years ago by our very own Founder, President and CEO - Mailine Linsao Sarmiento.